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User Reviews

What our users say about using RoomDeco AI!

John Lawker

Home buyer

My wife and I love fixing up places and RoomDeco is our go-to tool to visualize the dream interiors we create. I just cannot imagine life without it.

Linn Van der Horst


My whole firm uses RoomDeco to finally show potential buyers what we realtors mean when we say imagine what you can do with the place.

Amy Jones

Interior Designer

I use RoomDeco daily to turn my sketches into photorealistic renders and the extension to make variations on inspirations designs I find online.

Lawrence Smith


I was a bit skeptical at first, but what won me over is how excited clients get. You cannot beat visualizing their ideas so quickly and being able to show examples. That is why we use it almost every day.

Jackie Murray

Interior Enthusiast

Being able to generate interiors in seconds and transform them is like a dream come true. What I used to spend hours doing for a single scene I now get done in seconds. Interior design with AI is addictive!

Bill Brokovich

Realtor Agency Owner

RoomDeco is now basically part of our sales process. All of our agents keep it handy to stimulate buyers' imaginations and we use it extensively for virtual staging. Show don't tell!


RoomDeco has the most advanced settings and full control over generation.


countless styles & optionsGeneration
Control style, interior type and theme to create unique interiors.


Set the toneColors
Pick colors from a palette to create specific vibes for your interior.


Pick the right building blocksMaterials
Select fabric, texture and materials to create unique blends of styles.

Pro Options

Features for ProfessionalsPro Options
Set quality, generate multiple images or add your custom watermark.

Download the RoomDeco


Install the RoomDeco extension to right-click any image on web and send it to RoomDeco AI to change the style!


200+ Design Styles & Rooms

Whether you like Bohemian or art deco, or need to redesign your kitchen, bedroom or restaurant, we've got you covered.

Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian style is a minimalist and functional style that emphasizes simplicity and functionality, using a neutral color palette, clean lines, and natural materials for a serene and timeless atmosphere.

Modern Interior Design

Modern Interior Design

Modern style is a sleek and sophisticated style that emphasizes clean lines, simple forms, and a neutral color palette, creating a minimalist and timeless atmosphere.

Bohemian Interior Design

Boho Interior Design

Bohemian style is a free-spirited and eclectic style that embraces individuality, creativity, and unconventional design, using vibrant colors, patterns, and textures.

30+ Theme Packs

Dress up your interior according to themes you like. From festive or retro to random fun!

Christmas Interior Design

Christmas Interior Design

Christmas interior design embraces the warmth and charm of the holiday season, infusing spaces with festive cheer and cozy ambiance. It is a time for rich colors, twinkling lights, and delightful decorations that evoke the spirit of joy and togetherness.

Easter Interior Design

Easter Interior Design

Easter interior design embodies the freshness and renewal of springtime, with soft pastel colors, blooming flowers, and charming accents. It is a celebration of new beginnings, featuring whimsical Easter eggs, delicate florals, and cheerful decorations that bring a sense of joy and rejuvenation to homes.

Halloween Interior Design

Halloween Interior Design

Halloween interior design channels the spooky and mystical vibes of the season, with dark hues, eerie accents, and playful decor. It is a time for haunted houses, ghostly apparitions, and pumpkin-filled spaces that evoke a sense of mystery and excitement.

For Whom

RoomDeco is used by homeowners, real estate agents, interior designers and contractors to create unique interiors.

Home Owners & Buyers

Home owners & Buyers

Redesign your home, interior, office, generate bedroom ideas or visualize your dream house. Endless posibilities!

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents

Create interior design mockups and virtual staging to sell listings for more and quicker. Impress prospective buyers.



Refer clients to to inspire them, help them visualize their renovation ideas. Get paid for it na increase revenue.

Interior Designers

Interior Designers

Generate countless concepts you have in mind & whip up ideas from your own sketches to photorealistic visualization in seconds!

Virtual Staging

Staged homes spend 73% less time on the market than un-staged homes. Staged properties sell approximately 90 days faster than non-staged properties. With RoomDeco, you can create a virtual staging of your home for a fraction of the cost of a real staging!

Empty Home for Sale
RoomDeco AI Virtual Staging


Transform your raw sketches into photorealistic renders in seconds! Whether you're a home owner who drew a rough sketch on paper or a professional interior designer who wants to show what sketches can turn into - RoomDeco can render it in seconds.

Interior Design Sketch
RoomDeco AI render of interior sketch


RoomDeco AI can also render your Sketchup models in seconds. Any screenshot of your render or wireframe can be turned into a photorealistic render in mere seconds.

Sketchup 3D render
RoomDeco AI render of interior sketch

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